We take a look at 10 products to get you ready for Brazil, to be fulfilled by Spark Response.

Whether you’re travelling to the tournament or hosting a world cup party, we’ve listed a few of our favourite products to be fulfilled by Spark, ready for Brazil 2014.

1. Lexon Hobo Passport Holder

If you’re lucky enough to be going to the finals in Brazil, you’re going to need something to carry that passport in, and keep it safe. This Eco-Friendly holder was designed by Fellina Sok Cham, and adds a nice touch to your luggage.



2. FFBuzz Sneakers from FitFlop

With the tournament being based in Brazil, most of the matches are taking place weill into the evening, and many not finishing until the early hours. You’ll need some comfy shoes to keep yourself on your feet and cheering your team on. FitFlop carry a range of shoes, boots, and flip flops for both men and women.


3. Sheaffer Sentinel Chrome Ball Pen and Pencil Set

You’re going to need a pen and pencil to keep your wall chart or office sweepstakes up to date. The pen is perfect for logging scores, the pencil will come in handy for pencilling in the final as a holiday… Of course, whether your team will actually make the final is another matter…


4. Sophie Conran BBQ Bucket Set

Although many of the games are late at night, what better way to prepare than with a nice, big BBQ! This designer bucket BBQ from Occa-Home is portable, stylish, and perfect for those late summer nights.


5. Beer Holster

If you’re the host of football party, you’re going to need something to help you keep track of where you left your beer. How about a beer holster? Never be more than an inch from your beer!

Beer Holster

6. Fridge Monkey

Its football, there will be beer. Especially where a BBQ is involved. How do you make the most of the space in your fridge to keep those beers, or soft drinks cool? With the fridge monkey of course!

Fridge monkey

7. LSA Bar Larger Glass

Looking for something more sophisticated to serve your guests with a tasty tipple? These designer larger glasses are perfect. Watch the match in style.


8. Haribo

Whether you’re watching the match with the kids, family, friends, or colleagues, every party needs a bowl of sweets! At Poundshop.com, there are plenty to choose from, and yes, every bag is just £1. Stock up on sweets, juice, and popcorn while you’re there.


9. Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Quite simply, it would be rude not to serve these delicious cookies at any World Cup party. buy a pack of 4 just to make sure there are enough to go around. They won’t last long after all…


10. Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glasses

Maybe, just maybe, this will be our year. We might just have something to celebrate. What better way than to propose a toast with these beautiful designer whiskey glasses. The whiskey is optional of course…. Whether or not we’ll be celebrating is another matter entirely…



The above products are all held in our warehouse complex, and each order will be fulfilled by our ecommerce order fulfilment experts.