How much did you spend online in 2015?

by | Jan 15, 2016

£114 billion was spent online in 2015. That means that based on the latest population figures, every man, woman and child spent £1785. As children lack the necessary means to shop online, that means I’d guess you spent over £2000 shopping online last year. I’ll go one step further and suggest you spent at least £600 of that via your mobile device.

These are the latest findings from the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, the most comprehensive report into the UK eCommerce sector. Overall online sales were up 11% versus 2014. But the main headline comes from a 56 day period between 1st November and 26th December, where a staggering £24.4 billion was spent online. A 12% increase year on year and record for the index.

4 days in November

Black Friday weekend saw savvy shoppers spend £4.3 billion in the 4 day period, a jump of 44% on 2014. But whereas 2014 saw retailers and carriers struggle to manage their eCommerce fulfilment commitments due to backlogs, better plans were put in place to prevent issues developing – something that was clearly noticeable across the industry. This led to increased customer satisfaction scores versus 2014, due to less pressure on contact centres.

Sales from mobile devices continue to grow, with 42% of all online sales between August and October coming via mobiles. A figure that is again set to grow in 2016.

Next year?

With IMRG predicting growth of 11% in annual eCommerce sales in 2016, it’s likely you’ll be spending at least £2250 online in 2016. Hands up who has already made a dent in this figure…..*raises hand sheepishly*.