How to turn first time Black Friday shoppers into lifetime customers

by | Dec 8, 2016

UK shoppers spent over £1.2bn online over the course of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2016. The 4 day period is now the biggest event in retail, and represents a key opportunity for eCommerce retailers to acquire new customers. The challenge retailers face is turning new shoppers into lifetime customers. Here is one way to do just that.

Customer Acquisition

Many of the retailers we speak to admit that Black Friday is a largely unprofitable event. Sales promotions, discounts and affiliate offers all entice customers to purchase, but for many, this is at the expense of profit. The pressure is then on the retailer to convert that customer from a one time purchaser, into a lifetime customer.

Let’s imagine you’re a footwear retailer. You’ve acquired 1,000 new customers over Black Friday, each spending on average £65 on their first order. Other than basic analytics data, you really don’t know too much about these customers. Yes you know how they shopped, on what device, where they found your site, and their address detail etc.. But what you don’t know is why they shopped, how often they make that sort of purchase, or where they usually purchase from.


Despite the fact that you don’t know much about them, you’ll no doubt add those customers to your email list, or welcome email series, and sure enough, some of those future emails may well entice a further purchase. However, wouldn’t it be better, more efficient, and more quantifiable if you you understood the basis for that first purchase so that you could better serve email content that is more likely to convert?

The classic example is the lady who uses a Black Friday sale to purchase a pair of trainers for her husband, and is then fed countless emails filled with other mens trainers. Wouldn’t it be better to know that she was buying a gift, but she is also a triathlete, and shops for womens trainers via your major competitor, because they offer free returns? Wouldn’t that give you the chance to gain some real insight, add that customer to your female specific marketing segments, and tailor offers for her? How do we do that?

ENGAGE by Spark Response

Using experienced and carefully trained customer care advisors, Spark Response makes outbound calls to first time customers in order to learn more about their shopping experience with your store, and gain an insight into their shopping preferences and habits. This two way dialogue allows retailers to capture valuable qualitative data in order to better serve relevant content and offers designed to encourage repeat, profitable orders. Available on simple, flexible cost per call basis with no contracts, ENGAGE is built specifically for eCommerce retailers to boost customer acquisition and retention.

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