Blended Contact Centre

Dedicated advisors with unlimited flexibility

Our blended contact centre model is the best of both worlds. A team of advisors dedicated to your brand, plus the availability of our bureau. Extremely cost effective and efficient contact handling. Available 24/7 to cover phone, email, web chat and social media interactions.

Why the blended contact centre model works

Let’s assume your customer service line receives 500 calls per day, and the team operates at a utilisation level of 90%. If contact volumes increase by 10%, the team may struggle to maintain service levels. Adding another advisor to the team would help, but would reduce the utilisation level and add more fixed costs.

Our blended model allows that 10% increase in call volumes to overflow into our bureau team. This maintains service levels, increases utilisation figures, and avoids adding more fixed cost. Instead, when calls overflow to the bureau, we simply charge per contact handled. With up to 70 advisors in the bureau, they’re always ready.

The benefits of outsourcing contact centre services


Remove fixed employment costs

and switch to a variable cost model


Reduce IT, systems and infrastructure costs

Take advantage of our systems


Remove the costs of recruitment and training

That becomes our responsibility


Increase flexibility and scale

We flex based on the needs of our clients


Increase your operating capacity

Transfer all or selected contacts to us


Get a single view of your customer

Via our multichannel contact platform


Extend your opening hours

Pass contacts to us overnight


Benefit from experience

Our advisors average 9 years with us

Retail and eCommerce Specialists

eCommerce Customer Service

Ensuring online shoppers get the help they need

DRTV & Media Response

Ensuring orders are placed following media campaigns

Complaint Resolution

Ensuring unhappy customers remain as customers

Booking lines

Ticket sales, order bookings, appointments and more

How much will it cost?

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