ENGAGE by Spark Response

Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can improve retail profitability by over 25%

It costs 5 times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to retain a customer

Most marketers use 2 to 3 times as much effort attracting new customers versus retaining existing customers

Source : eConsultancy


Whilst email remains the most popular channel for reactivating customers, there is another way.

ENGAGE by Spark Response allows eCommerce marketers to retain and reactivate dormant or inactive customers. ENGAGE uses the hugely experienced customer care advisors at Spark Response to make outbound calls to each dormant customer.

Acting as the voice of your brand, the objective is simple, reactivate or re-engage each customer. Unlike email marketing, ENGAGE is a two way communication between your brand and your customer. This personal and hugely effective service allows brands to gather qualitative and emotional data on customer preferences and shopping habits in order to better serve relevant content to encourage additional purchases.

ENGAGE customer reactivation

Every call is valuable

Ahead of every campaign we agree a script with you in order to serve an offer designed to re-activate each customer, whilst also capturing the data you require from each customer.

In some cases, a customer may have reached the end of their life cycle with your brand. A mother buying nappies will only do so for so long. Isn’t it better to know that a customer has reached the end of that cycle, so you can stop serving irrelevant content that won’t convert? Isn’t it better to learn what their current buying habits are, or where they’re now shopping so you can better understand your customers?


ENGAGE campaigns can be customised to meet the specific needs of each client. For more details or to discuss a campaign, give us a call on 0191 495 9931 or drop us an email at ideas@sparkresponse.com