Overflow & Out of Hours Contact Centre

Support when your customers need it most

Overflow and out of hours contact centre services that compliment your existing contact centre operation with a low cost, flexible contact handling service. Available 24/7* from Spark Response

*Volume dependent

Out of hours contact centre

Switch off your office lights, lock your doors, and go home knowing your customers will get the help they require, at a time to suit them. Spark Response is available through the night to provide low cost, flexible support to your customers. ┬áDon’t miss out on bookings, sales, or service opportunities, and ensure complaints are handled professionally.


Overflow contact centre

Many customer service departments suffer from variable contact volumes where customer calls can be missed on a regular, basis, or at peak trading periods. Why take the risk? We offer a simple way to ensure those calls aren’t missed, those sales aren’t lost, and those complaints don’t escalate to social media.

The benefits of an overflow partner

Many in house contact centres or customer service teams are limited in their ability to handle over forecasted contact volumes. Floorspace, infrastructure and internal resources can all restrict the ability to increase the headcount. Rather than increase hold times or increase call abandonment rates, simply transfer selected calls to Spark Response for professional contact handling

Avoid missed calls


Maintain service levels


Capture more bookings


Reduce call wait times

Generate additional sales

Improve customer satisfaction

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