INFOGRAPHIC : 4 Stats about customer retention for eCommerce brands

by | Jul 19, 2016

Can you guess what is the most expensive keyword bid, in the UK via Google Adwords? Or, more importantly, can you guess how much some brands are prepared to pay to (hopefully) acquire a new customer? £20, £40, £60, £80….. surely not, you’re thinking? Well, you might want to sit down, as the keyword “play live blackjack” costs a whopping £148.51 PER CLICK! 

Considering the likely conversion rate of the traffic they get from that keyword, (Genting Casino when I searched) I can only imagine what their cost of actually acquiring a customer must be, when you factor in returning customer traffic via those ads, and other costs such as new customer offers or discounts.

You’ll know first hand what your own customer acquisition costs are, but as our infographic below shows, the costs of retaining a customer are typically far lower. So where is your focus?

If retention and reactivation are key goals for you, take a look at Engage, by Spark Response. Engage is a service derived from over 30 years of interacting with home shopping and eCommerce customers. Engage sees our highly experienced customer service advisors make tailored calls to your inactive shoppers in order to learn more about their current shopping habits, and ensure they continue to shop with you, profitably. For further details on Engage, including pricing, click here.

ENGAGE by Spark Response

ENGAGE uses a two way conversation to retain and reactivate shoppers, profitably.