How our eCommerce delivery affects customer satisfaction

As a service provider to eCommerce retailers, we play an essential role in delivering customer satisfaction when shopping online. eCommerce stores need to get their product to their customer quickly, securely, and cost effectively. Customers typically want their products ASAP, with free delivery, and with the ability to track their order, to ensure they’re available when their parcel arrives.

As an order fulfilment company, we’re right in the centre of the customer and the eCommerce store. Along with our carrier partners, we’re responsible for ensuring the customer receives their order, exactly as requested, in perfect condition.

Considering we send out thousands of orders every single day, we’re proud to say that we help to contribute to our clients’ eKomi ratings of over 99% complete satisfaction scores.

Take Ethical Superstore for example. Over 11,000 reviews have been posted by their shoppers. 99.18% (at the time of writing) have given 5 star ratings, showing their satisfaction. Of course, satisfaction in the product is most important, however, a quick glance through the reviews, and you’ll see just how often delivery factors are mentioned.

Delivery Comments What about the other 1% who weren’t completely satisfied?

Of course, we won’t be happy until 100% of customers are happy. So what problems exist, and what do we do to overcome these issues? Typical issues customers face include:

  • Dissatisfaction with the product
  • Missing items in a delivery
  • Wrong items in a delivery
  • Late delivery or not delivered
  • Damaged items or packaging

Whilst there is little we can do about the product itself, we can facilitate a simple, and fast return and exchange service for our clients, ensuring the customer remains satisfied. It is always easy to find reasons why parcels are sent out with the wrong item, or missing items, however, we accept that the odd mistake can happen, but we take every step to minimise these mistakes. Which is why we offer a very strict error rate as part of our service levels. We’re also especially proud of our ability to work with our clients to correct any issues relating to missing, damaged, or incorrect items in deliveries.

Ethical Superstore customer reviews Rating 4.7 from 11730 customer reviews and experiences for

As for issues with deliveries being late, items damaged in transit, and failed deliveries, we’re in constant contact with our carrier partners to help minimise these issues, and ensure any common problems are rectified. We review packaging materials frequently to ensure we’re packing goods as securely as possible. And whilst it’s easy to put the blame on carriers for late deliveries, we work with our clients to rectify issues with the minimum of hassle, cost, and headache for the customer.

In Summary

Spark Response plays an essential role in linking eCommerce stores to customers. The actions we take have a direct impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty, trust, repeat sales, and ultimately the success or failure of an eCommerce business. That’s why we strive to ensure we’re doing everything in our power to deliver customer excellence, order after order.

To see if Spark Response can help with your eCommerce fulfilment, give us a call on 0191 495 9999 or contact us.