Spark Response want the best environment for our employees, which is why we decided to invest in LED lighting.   LED lights have numerous benefits, including; being 80% more efficient than traditional lighting, being safer, better quality, and their 50-100,000-hour lifespan.


The project was managed by Carl Minchell from our Finance department.  We caught up with Carl to find out how the project went.


Please can you explain why we decided to invest in LED lights?

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our business, which is why we ended up getting quotes for low cost, low power LED lights.  After seeing how much money we could save and the benefits for our employees, it would have been crazy not to invest in them!


How much will the LED lights save us?

I calculated they would save us between £11.5-£17.5k each year – how impressive! This means that we would make a return on investment within 2 years.  Plus, these savings are from just from lighting in the office space!


Will the whole company eventually get LED lighting?

Even though the savings from our LED lighting investment in the office is going to be significant, the savings we would make by installing them in the warehouse would be HUGE! So, I do believe that there is a great opportunity to utilise LED lighting in more areas of the business.


We are thrilled with the results of the LED lights, not only have they made our offices much brighter, but will save us an extraordinary amount.  Our employees also gave great feedback in their last SparkVoice meeting (a monthly meeting involving employees from different parts of the business to share opinions and ideas).  Feedback included; a reduction in headaches because the lights no longer flicker, improving the overall look of the office and making employees feel more energised at work.