Despite the best efforts from eCommerce teams, marketers, and designers to improve the customer experience via their eCommerce store, the contact centre remains crucially important to all eCommerce businesses.

“Around 3 out of every 10 eCommerce sales require customer service help”

As our infographic shows, around 30% of eCommerce interactions require customer support via phone, email, live chat or social media.For this reason, it is imperative that any eCommerce business has a professional, flexible customer service team to help those customers in need.

Why do eCommerce customers need help?

As our graphic explains, customers require help for a variety of reasons. But the key drivers of calls and emails to eCommerce contact centres are:

  • Questions regarding products
  • Delivery and shipping questions
  • Queries relating to an order
  • General calls for help
  • Calls to arrange returns and exchanges

At Spark Response we work with clients to continually reduce the amount of contacts requiring customer service support, and wherever possible attempt to reduce the average handling time of each query.

Is your customer service team ready for peak season?

Most eCommerce retailers experience an increase in sales in the weeks leading up until Christmas. but this also brings about an increase in customer service activity. In fact, the contact to order ratio of around 30% can increase due to added concerns customer have around buying Christmas gifts.

In most cases, eCommerce contact centres operate on a very lean basis, and are often limited in the number of advisors, and therefore call and email volumes that can be handled. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, this often leads to a headache for customers as they sometimes struggle to get their query handled efficiently.

Spark Response works with retailers to reduce this headache. We offer our contact centre as a simple extension of clients’ own customer service teams. We can manage any overflow of calls the in house team can’t manage, all at a simple cost per call or email. With zero fixed costs, and zero set up costs, this offers a very cost effective means of ensuring complete customer satisfaction throughout peak season.

If you’d like to know more about our bureau contact centre, and how this can help scale your customer service team, please give us a call on 0191 495 9999, or drop us an email.