It’s time to reward our people

by | Dec 22, 2015

Here at Spark Response we run an annual employee Reward and Recognition program for our people right across the business. The idea is simple, we reward and recognise those employees who have gone the extra mile, or those who have innovated to benefit our business our client’s campaigns across our contact centre and order fulfilment departments.

The process is simple, employees are nominated to receive an “R&R” point by their peers, at which point they win a token prize such as chocolates or wine. Then at the end of the year we run an annual draw, where all those with 1 or more R&R point are entered into a draw to win prizes of £500 or £750.

Finally, those with 4 or more R&R points go into an additional draw to win £1500. As you can imagine, it’s a day our people look forward to!

This year we had a new record set. 484 R&R points were awarded. This is down to the fact that we’ve placed much greater emphasis on innovation through our people, giving them the ownership of driving new ideas and thought processes.

The draw will take place at 2pm, so look out for news on who has won the prizes!