Order fulfilment for Kickstarter pre-orders and rewards

If you’re reading this, you’re probably very close to, or have met your Kickstarter crowdfunding goal. CONGRATULATIONS! That’s great news, and probably signals the end of a very exciting and rewarding marketing campaign.

But the hard work doesn’t stop there. Now its time to start thinking about how you’re going to get all those rewards and pre-orders out to your backers, before moving into full scale production and sales.

So how do I fulfil my Kickstarter orders?

You have a couple of options. Do it yourself, or outsource it.

Do it yourself

Managing the order fulfilment process for your Kickstarter rewards and pre-orders in house is generally the first stage for Kickstarters. You have full control of the process, full control of the stock, and full control of the way you communicate with your backers.

However, you’ve just spent weeks or months promoting the life out of your idea to the Kickstarter community and wider target market. Switching your focus to sourcing and packing boxes, organising carriers, paying postage costs, managing carrier claims, and getting your orders to the post office will quickly eat up a whole load of time, and will certainly kill any PR momentum you’ve just built up. There is a better way, outsource it to an expert team.

Outsource Kickstarter Fulfilment

By outsourcing fulfilment of your Kickstarter rewards and pre-orders, you do lose some control of your stock. It won’t be within touching distance. However, it will be professionally and efficiently stored, managed, and distributed to your backers.

Outsourcing order fulfilment allows Kickstarters to maintain the positive momentum built up as a result of meeting their funding goal. This means they have the time to focus on continued product development, sales, marketing, and business development, rather than wasted time packing boxes.

Outsourcing can also reduce the cost of shipping these orders. An outsourcer such as Spark Response will offer lower shipping costs than you can typically achieve individually, the same applies to packaging, saving you money twice over. A further benefit is that with Spark Response, there are no minimum order volumes, no set up costs, and activity costs are flexible. So you only pay for the orders you ship.

Any order fulfilment company will also manage stock and distribute your products much more efficiently than you can achieve individually, saving more time in getting your pre-orders or rewards to your customers.

 Think beyond the pre-order

Ok, so you’ve now shipped all of your pre-orders and rewards to your backers. And now your product is on general sale via your own eCommerce store, eBay, or Amazon store too. How do you manage order fulfilment at this stage? Again, in house? Or outsourced. We wrote a useful blog on ‘5 Signs its time to outsource order fulfilment‘ which is worth a read.

It’s also worth considering your long term plans. Spark Response offers a flexible, and scalable warehousing and fulfilment operation which caters for brands or retailers shipping 50 orders per day up to 9000 per day. We’re well placed to help you grow your business through efficient, and cost effective order fulfilment services.


About Spark Response:

Spark Response

Spark Response is a leading UK eCommerce fulfilment company. Based in Gateshead, North East England, we manage order fulfilment campaigns for leading national brands and retailers, as well as many emerging, entrepreneurial brands. We also provide customer service support via our 200 seat contact centre, allowing us to manage any customer queries, or provide sales support as and when required.




1. What are your set up costs?

We don’t charge any set up costs. Depending on how we integrate our warehouse management system with your order system there may be some development work required on our clients’ side, but we don’t charge for any set up or IT costs in advance.

2. How long does it take to ship my pre-orders?

This depends on when the stock comes into us, but we generally turn orders around within 48 hours from receiving stock, to shipping out via our carrier partners. For regular orders, any orders received before 12pm, we ship the same day for next day delivery orders.

3. How do I get my stock to you?

That’s up to you! We can either have your stock sent directly from the manufacturer, which is typically easier. Or we can organise a collection from your office/business premises. We do prefer all stock to be barcoded. This allows us to utilise RF technology to scan and pick/pack your stock, which is much quicker, and much more efficient.

4. How do I send my Kickstarter orders to you?

For the pre-orders, this may be through a CSV order file. Ongoing, we prefer to automate our system with your eCommerce store, eBay store, or Amazon store, so we can take orders directly as they are received. Our Warehouse Management System then feeds back stock information to your web store, ensuring customers only purchase what is in stock.

5. I need to ship orders directly to customers, and to some retailers or distributors. Can you do this?

Yes. Spark Response provides both eCommerce fulfilment, and retail distribution. Many of our clients require us to ship pallets or cartons of stock into independent, and national retailers such as John Lewis, Harrods, Selfridges etc…

6. Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Our carriers include DPD, Hermes, Royal Mail, UK Mail, and DX. We choose the most cost effective solution to meet your requirements. We ship worldwide.

7. What are your costs?

Please get in touch with us to get a bespoke quote for your needs. Complete the Get a Quote page, or give us a call on 0191 495 9999.