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3 Customer Service Predictions for 2017

What better way to kick off our blog in the new year, than a textbook "predictions of 2017" post. Don't worry though, these aren't some unrealistic, robot and AI infused predictions, these actionable points will guide you through the coming year in customer service...

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4 tips to deliver customer excellence on Black Friday

Black Friday 2016 is coming. Over £1.1bn was spent online on Black Friday 2015, and whilst the public hysteria we saw in 2014 was not repeated, there is clearly a large demand for the event from UK consumers, with many retailers last year reporting sales lifts in...

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Massive growth in customer service outsourcing

£706m now spent on UK Outsourced Customer Services, a jump from £62m in just twelve months. According to the Arvato UK Outsourcing Index, there has been an incredible increase in the number of brands outsourcing customer service operations here in the UK.  According...

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