Have you considered the cost benefits of having a North East based fulfilment provider?

Lower Shipping costs.

Reduced Co2 miles.

Neutral Shipping Time.

There’s a reason why the likes of Asda, Tesco, Amazon and others have distribution centres in the North East. Shipping stock into our North East ports reduces cost, is time neutral, and reduces CO2 miles versus trunking from Felixstowe.

Why the North East?

Teesport and Spark Response

We operate a close strategic partnership with Teesport to help improve the movement and visibility of containers from Asia to the UK. By utilising Teesport as opposed to Felixstowe, we can reduce end to end costs, eliminate demurrage charges, quay rent and container retention costs, and hugely reduce road miles and C02 emissions.

Port of Tyne and Spark Response

Located just 6 miles from Spark Response, The Port of Tyne was voted UK Port of the Year 2014. For retailers wanting a well-equipped, well-connected, ideally located port instead of battling through the congested South-East and adding thousands of unnecessary road miles to the mix, then they need look no further than the Port of Tyne’s integrated logistics operation.
Why the North East?

Supply Chain from China

Spark Response

Spark Response





Environmental benefits of our close parternship

Felixstowe to Spark Response – 293 miles

Teesport to Spark Response – 42 miles

Port of Tyne to Spark Response – 6 Miles

road miles saved per container shipment

road miles saved per 50 container shipments

What cost savings can you expect shipping into North East ports?

Per 20' DV vs Felixstowe

£314 saved per container

£3,141 per 10 containers

£31,410 per 100 containers

Per 40' DV vs Felixstowe

£233 saved per container

£2333 per 10 containers

£23,333 per 100 containers

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