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4 ways your contact centre is failing millennials

Millennials make up 25% of the UK population, and as such are a very valuable customer base. Our guide will describe the ways many contact centres fail millennials, using real life examples, and suggest three ways to win back this group of seemingly loyal customers.

10 ways to improve customer experience in eCommerce

For eCommerce retailers, improving the customer experience delivers various benefits, such as customer acquisition, improved loyalty, more regular purchases, and also, reduced costs. Savings can be made from incurring fewer contacts via the customer service centre, reducing the workload, and ultimately, the headcount.

The Ultimate Guide to Appointing an Inbound Contact Centre

Our guide for brands and retailers identifies the key customer service functions typically outsourced by the retail sector, and describes the benefits of doing so. The guide will highlight the key factors to consider when selecting a possible partner, before suggesting a process to follow when choosing a customer service provider.

How to scale your customer service team in under an hour

In less than one working hour, Spark Response jumped into action to help a slimming product retailer manage customer services after they received front page national media coverage of their product. Learn how we did it.