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How to scale a customer service team in an hour

Picture the scene; it’s 4.50pm on a sunny Friday afternoon in July. Just when most offices are closing down for the weekend. The phone rings. It’s a slightly panicked retailer who has just been notified that a major tabloid newspaper might review their slimming product in Monday’s newspaper.

Might was a big word. If any major news story broke over the weekend, their product may not be featured. But otherwise, they were all set to receive the biggest media coverage in their history.

It’s great news for the retailer. But perhaps bad news for their customer service team. With media coverage like that, it was clear that the in house customer service team of two advisors just wouldn’t be able to cope if their call volumes increased.

The retailer contacted Spark Response to see if there was any way we could support them, If their product was featured, by answering order calls, providing further product information, or handling customer service queries on an overflow basis. With the paper due for release from 6am on the Monday morning, Spark Response had less than an hours working time to work with the retailer to get a team in place to help, and even then, there was no guarantee we would be required.