Spark Response last week donated a fantastic (and surprise!) amount of £7430.31 to the Women’s Cancer Detection Society, a Gateshead based charity which has assisted with Breast Cancer screening across the local area since 1964.

Every year, Spark Response offers it’s employees the chance to nominate a charity or charities to support. Throughout the year, the business undertakes various fundraising activities, such as fancy dress days, cake and bake sales, staff sales, raffles, games and competitions, dress down days, and thanks to the help of our lovely clients, stock sales.

This year, Jess Buffham, one of our most experienced and loyal warehouse operatives was unfortunately diagnosed with Breast Cancer. As a result, Jess saw first hand the great work carried out by the Women’s Cancer Detection Society (WCDS) when she underwent her initial screening procedures.

After being so impressed with WCDS, Jess vowed to support the charity, to ensure other women, and indeed men, are offered the same level of care. Jess, along with her trusted team of fundraisers, recently organised a ‘Wear it Pink Day’ at Spark, which raised over £1000, which was to be donated to WCDS.

Jess was thrilled at the amount raised. And when asked how she would like to donate the amount to WCDS, Jess explained that she would really like to hand over a giant cheque, and have her photo taken with Kathryn Jobes, from WCDS.

This was soon arranged. Kathryn was invited along to Spark to receive the donation. However, there was a surprise in store for both Jess and Kathryn!

What neither Jess nor Kathryn knew, was that Spark Response was yet to nominate a chosen Charity for 2014, a process which typically happens around this time. Neither did they know that throughout 2014, Spark had raised around £6400 from it’s regular fundraising events.

The decision was taken by the senior management team, to combine these amounts, and give Jess the chance to donate the grand total of £7430.31 to WCDS. To keep the total a secret from Jess during the photoshoot, we giftwrapped the giant cheque, and asked Jess to unwrap this with Kathryn. Needless to say, there was a great deal of surprise and delight when Jess read the total aloud!!

Kathryn Jobes, from WCDS comments, “This donation really was a great surprise, the committee were blown away by this amazing amount. We are currently looking to purchase a tomosynthesis machine for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead, costing £250,000. This donation will really help in our fundraising goal.”

Jess has now begun a period of leave from Spark, as she undergoes her treatment. One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to have her back with us, and she has all of our thoughts and prayers to make a full and speedy recovery.

Jess formally donates the cheque