Spark Response Have Introduced a New Statement of Purpose

Did you know that brands with a clear purpose outperform the stock market by 133% (on average) and have 46% more share of wallet (how much a customer spends with a business compared to their spend with other companies) than those who don’t?  Obviously, companies with a clear purpose have an edge over those who don’t.  That’s why Spark have decided to introduce a statement of purpose to our business.

What is a Statement of Purpose?

A company’s purpose is more than a mission statement or a vision cast from the board of directors.  At its core, a company’s purpose is a bold affirmation of its reason for being in business. It conveys what the organization stands for in historical, ethical, emotional and practical terms. No matter how it’s communicated to employees and customers, a company’s purpose is the driving force that enables a company to define its true brand and create its desired culture.

Not only does this show clients why you run but also inspires employees to continue working well.  A clear company purpose helps to align staff which in turn helps to increase employee retention, customer loyalty and competitive edge as staff have the clarity make faster decisions whilst keeping focused on the same objectives.

What is Spark’s Statement of Purpose?

Spark loved the idea of creating a company purpose to inspire employees and show clients what makes us tick.  That’s why we have introduced our new Statement of Purpose:

“Contact centre and fulfilment services provided by great people with great ideas, helping build success.”

Although the statement is short, a lot of thought was put into it to ensure it was the perfect fit for our company.  The Statement of Purpose was developed by our senior management team (with input from SparkVoice – our cross-section of employees who represent the various departments), who focused on including the following keywords ‘People, Ideas, Success’ as they all have a significant impact on the way our business functions.  So, why were these three words so important for us to include in our Statement of Purpose?

People – Our people are what make us special.  With an average employee tenure of over 9 years, we were passionate about mentioning how great the people within our business are.  Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Ideas – When we asked our clients to describe us, ‘ideas’ was the most prominent term mentioned, as they believe that we strive to create innovative ideas and solutions to help improve the way their businesses operate.

Success – Spark are passionate about helping brands to build success.  Our outsourced services enable companies to improve focus on core business activities, reduce costs, increase efficiency and gain access to facilities and expertise that may not have been affordable or accessible previously.  This ultimately allows companies to grow by driving customer service and fulfilment excellence.

Overall, we think that our new Statement of Purpose sums the reason that we operate up perfectly.  We hope this statement inspires and provides clarity for our employees, clients and potential customers.